Tips for a Stress-Free School Year

Field trips, packed lunches and permission slips—school means much more than just homework. With these extra activities come all sorts of organizational challenges.

  • Stock up on supplies. Anticipate last-minute school project needs by stockpiling supplies. Buy in bulk or wait for back-to-school sales. Get markers, index cards, poster board and other items that will come in handy throughout the school year.
  • Choose outfits ahead of time. Deciding what the kids will wear shouldn’t be left to the morning rush. On Sunday night, pick out clothes for each day of the week and set them aside.
  • Simplify lunch packing. Use clear containers in the fridge and pantry for lunchbox supplies. When it’s time to pack lunches (see below), you won’t have to search for them.
  • Consolidate meal making. Prepare lunches for the following day while you’re making dinner. You’ll be able to cross off one more item from the morning checklist and have one cleanup instead of two.
  • Touch papers once. Take a time management tip from the business world – if a task will take you a few minutes or less, tackle it immediately. So when your child brings home a permission slip, read it, sign it, add the event to your calendar (see below) and put it in his or her backpack.
  • Use a whiteboard. A functional calendar that everyone can update is essential to manage multiple schedules. Buy a large whiteboard calendar, hang it in a conspicuous spot (e.g., the kitchen) and use it to track practices, games, recitals and appointments.
  • File school papers. Use a cabinet drawer or file box to store and organize your children’s school materials. Each subject should have its own tab and folder; kids can unload weekly papers to save for later.
  • Color-code your bags. Use colored tote bags, one for each activity, to store equipment and supplies. Stow them in the same place every day, ideally near the door. That way, you can easily grab the right bag on your way out without having to empty and refill a single bag.

from American Home Shield July Inside & Out Newsletter

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Reno Ballroom
November 11, 2011 – November 12, 2011

3:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Reno, Nev. will once again turn into the center of the canned microbrew universe this November, as it puts on CANFEST – Reno International Canned Beer Festival, the world’s first canned beer festival, for a third straight year.

More than 30 breweries from around the world including, Oskar Blues, Maui Brewing, Big Sky Brewing and Bohemian Brewing, along with a collection of small craft can breweries and international brews in cans, will take part in the biggest celebration of the canned beer revolutionat the Reno Ballroom, November 12, offering up their canned creations to beer enthusiasts from around the region.  Winners of a judged canned beer competition will be announced the night before the event at an awards dinner at the Silver Legacy. The dinner will feature past award winners and various brewery participants.

CANFEST is the first event of its kind and serves as both a recognition of the fast-growing popularity of canned craft beer and a celebration of the benefits of the aluminum cylinder. Long regarded as a symbol of inferior beer, the can has come into its own in recent years as beer drinkers realize that cans offer superior protection from sunlight and oxygen infiltration, and the containers are much more portable and environmentally friendly than their glass counterpart. CANFEST also strives to be an event that brings quality canned beer to an area of the world it would otherwise never reach. Many breweries that attend CANFEST don’t have distribution outside of their regions.

The notion that world-class beer can be delivered in a can has caught on, and now the number of microbrews offering canned beer is growing at an astonishing rate. In 2002 the first microbrewery began canning craft beer; today more than 130 microbreweries can at least one of their beers, according to the database. .

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The Great Reno Balloon Race September 9 – 11th

The Great Reno Balloon Race is the largest free hot air ballooning event in the Nation. During three days in early September, you can look up into the Reno skies and see a rainbow of hot air balloons soaring about. From its humble beginnings in 1982 with just 20 balloons, The Great Reno Balloon Race has taken flight with more than 100 balloons each year. Taking place just a few miles north of downtown Reno, the event enchants both young and old with its vibrant colors and inspiring music. The Balloon Race has won many awards over the years including ‘Best Special Event in Reno’ and ‘Best Special Event in Northern Nevada.’ With an average of 150,000 spectators attending the event each year, the number of lives touched by the beautiful spectacle continues to rise just like the balloons themselves.

We invite you to explore this section of the Web site to get a taste for what you’ll find at The Great Reno Balloon Race. If you’re looking for an aerial event that will leave you with a sky-high feeling, don’t miss The Great Reno Balloon Race.

The mission of the Great Reno Balloon Race is to provide a premier, safe, family-oriented/tourist-attractive, visually dramatic event that celebrates the joy of flight while remaining free to the public


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National Championship Air Races and Air Show September 14 -18th

Five days of racing action. Six classes of aircraft and speeds exceeding 500 mph. It all adds up to the National Championship Air Races in Reno, Nevada. Each race is just one thrilling episode of a weeklong pylon-to-pylon drama filled with excitement at every turn and endings you will never see coming. Legendary champions will make triumphant returns while up-and-coming pilots vie to challenge the rule. The thunderous roar of aircraft will storm across the Reno skies.

Whether you’ve been a loyal air race fan for the better part of two decades or have yet to be reeled in, we invite you to experience the “World’s Fastest Motorsport” first hand in September at the Reno Stead Airport.

Always remember to fly low, fly fast and turn left!


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If you want a good hike – and can bring your dog along – consider some of these places

Ash Canyon Area – End of Timberline Drive – The Ash Canyon area is a moderately strenuous jeep road climbing into the   the Carson Range.

Silver Saddle Ranch – East Carson, off of Carson River Road – The Silver Saddle Ranch contains a set of moderate jeep tracks that meander near the Carson River and strenuous footpaths climb and connect with the Prison Hill trail.

Clear Creek Road – Top of Clear Creek Road in southeast Carson City – This walk begins at the old Clear Creek camp and continues up Old Clear Creek Road paved and unpaved at times.  Moderate to strenuous.

Lakeview Hill– Off Combs Canyon Road at the U.S. Forest Service gate – This trail climbs until you reach the Flume Trail, with spectacular views of Carson an Washoe valleys.

Kings Canyon – End of King Street – This old highway climbs like a mad dog (no pun intended) to the top of Spooner Summit.

Old V & T trail – Behind Western Nevada College – This trail can be accessed at various points behind the college.  It was once the   V & T Railroad grade and climbs a scant 3 percent in a mile and a half overlooking the back nine at Silver Oaks Golf Course.

from V & T News 2011

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Great Eldorado BBQ, Brews & Blues Festival

Downtown Reno
June 24, 2011 – June 25, 2011

Fire up the grills, tap the kegs and crank up the tunes for Reno’s best summer kick-off party!  Virginia Street will be rockin’ with 2 stages of live blues entertainment, amazing food and more than 40 microbrews from around the world . . . . over 100 specialty beers to sample!  Of course, we also feature some local favorites, including the Eldorado’s custom beers made right here at The Brew Brothers.

Don’t forget to bring a big appetite!  Food booths will line Virginia Street serving savory dishes, including everything from American favorites hot off the grill to tacos and Korean Barbecue. The Eldorado‘s award-winning food will be also featured, including Gregg’s Q Pit and Geno’s N.Y. Steak Flatbread stand! 

Contact Info

Visit Web Site
Phone: 775-786-5700


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