4 Simple Tricks to More Happiness

Who doesn’t want to feel happy?

What I’ve found is there are some simple ways to add little bursts of happiness into your day. Next time you need a cheery pick-me-up, try doing more of this…

:: Show some humility. Laughing at yourself not only releases endorphins, but it helps you take yourself less seriously.

:: Get stuff done. Crossing things off your to-do list is not only cathartic, but having less weighing on your mind relieves stress. Have too much on your plate? See what you can outsource off your list, like house cleaning and grocery shopping, then create a schedule to help you better manage your time and tasks.

:: Learn to let go. We’ve all made mistakes, but beating yourself up over the small stuff isn’t helping your emotional state. While they’re no fun to deal with, the best thing you can do is to stop dwelling on your mistakes and try to learn from them instead.

:: Give yourself a break. Think about how many hours you spend sitting and staring at the screen every day. Moving more throughout the day, like taking lunch outside or going for a stroll before driving home from work, will help you feel more refreshed.

I’d love to know how to you turn your frown upside down. Share your tips in the comments here!

Happy child with smiley on hands against green spring background

Make Smart Food Choices

Foods loaded with sugar and carbohydrates can cause major spikes in your energy—followed by major crashes. So while you may feel chipper for a few hours, the after effect of consuming poor quality foods can leave you feeling irritable and grumpy.

Adding more nutritious foods to your diet (and reducing the amount of processed foods you consume) can boost your mood at meal time. Plus, you’ll feel the good mood effects for much longer than if you had a sugary or carb-heavy dish.

Do you fizzle out while working out? Consume more legumes. Are you dragging through the work day? Eat some blood-sugar stabilizing quinoa. Are you feeling stressed? Grab a handful of walnuts to help restore your sense of calm.

Original idea: food for thought. Symbol of some ideology.
Original idea: food for thought. Symbol of some ideology.

What foods give you the boost you need? Share your favorites with us here!


Organizing Your Life

Having too many to-dos and things to remember can give you a major case of scatterbrain. Many of us vow again and again to get organized, once and for all. But this is always easier said than done. And let’s not forget how our environment can bring on the mental chaos. Cluttered closets, messy countertops, and too many files crowding your desktop…it all adds up. The solution? Start small. Tackle just ONE thing each day, or spend 15 minutes a day de- cluttering one area of your home. This will help you create more space, not just in your physical surroundings, but in your mind as well. It takes regular practice to develop healthy habits around organization and get your life in order. And you’ll have so much more clarity, and be so much happier, for it. What steps have you taken to create a more organized life?FB_Organizing

Learn to Trust Your Intuition

mindfulness word cloud on a vintage slate blackboard with a cup of coffee and cookie
mindfulness word cloud on a vintage slate blackboard with a cup of coffee and cookie

Gut feelings. Instinct. Intuition. It’s easy to ignore that little voice, but oftentimes, it’s giving us the exact advice we need to hear … just when we need to hear it.

Trust your intuition and it could help you make better life choices. Tune into what you’re feeling and you’ll build this trust with yourself. When you’re wavering between two choices, STOP and truly consider how you feel.

Imagine you have an exciting new job opportunity, or a potential new client. You likely feel a bit nervous, which is to be expected. But think about your other emotions toward the opportunity. Are they mostly positive and uplifting? Then go for it!

However, if your gut tightens up and you’re struggling to say yes to the gig, it’s a good sign you should pass it up and make room for something better to come into your life.

Sometimes if it’s not 100% “Heck yeah!”, then it should be a “Heck no!”

What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?

Hands and clocks in sky

Have you ever wished you could turn back the clock and do things over?

In hindsight, there are probably many things you’d do differently when you were younger. Life’s lessons provide us with much wisdom over the years, and some mistakes were meant to be made. Others we wish we could have avoided altogether.

I think good general advice for our younger selves would be to worry less. It doesn’t really get you anywhere. It’s also important to be confident in speaking up and setting personal boundaries – and being more fearless about breaking boundaries created by limiting beliefs (both personally and of others around us).

Another good piece of advice I might give is that it’s OK to be wrong sometimes. There is no need to spend so much time trying to come up with the right answers. No one is perfect, no matter how much social media accounts would have you believe.

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self?