Time for a greenhouse.

As you may know, I love to garden. I really enjoy working in the dirt and watching plants grow. There is nothing that compares to the taste of home grown veggies.
What I don’t enjoy, is coming out to my planters in the morning only to find the rabbits and squirrels have yet again decimated my garden. My wife doesn’t understand why I am in the middle of my yard cursing and swearing at critters that don’t care.

So now I have come up with the questionably good idea of building a Geodesic dome greenhouse.  I have dug a circle  20 feet wide and 18″ deep. After the first few days of pick and shovel, I broke down and rented an excavator. I only nicked the tree in the middle of my yard twice. My friend that was helping me yelled “why don’t you back up and hit your house with that thing, it’s the only thing you haven’t hit yet”.
Everybody is a comedian.
This weekend I am wheel barrowing road base for pavers for the stem wall. I need Tom Sawyer to tell everyone how much fun this can be.
I keep telling myself that with produce costs rising so fast, this is a good investment. And going green is in.  At least I have a chance of outsmarting the squirrels once.
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