12 Ways to Stop Home Buyers in Their Tracks

If you are selling your home, nothing matters more than making a good first impression. Get potential buyers to stop and notice your property by amping up its curb appeal. With a few inexpensive fixes, you can help your home stand out.

The #1 thing to keep in mind:

Make sure your home looks well cared for. Achieving a fresh, modern look doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Spend a Little, Change a Lot.

1. If your house numbers are weathered, buy new ones in a style that matches your home’s character. Or paint the old ones to give them new definition.

2. Has your mailbox seen better days? Paint it for a fresh pop of color or swap it out for a new one. You’ll notice an instant difference.

3. If the lighting fixtures near your front door scream “dated,” look for some trendy, inexpensive replacements that are available at most hardware stores.

4. If the hardware on your doors, windows and other areas has been painted over, is getting rusty or is coming unhinged, repair or replace it.

5. Want to take your home’s exterior from drab to fab? Add plants, whether they’re in window boxes, containers or a garden, their color and lushness can transform your house into something special.

6. If you’re lucky enough to have a porch, show it off with comfortable furniture, like a glider or Adirondack chair, to add a friendly, welcoming touch.

Common-Sense Fixes:

1. Repair anything that is chipped, peeling or cracked, including garage doors, fences, gutters, sidewalks and more. Sand, patch and repaint as needed.

2. Wash your windows. Simple enough, right? It’s amazing how appealing cleanliness can be! Plus, natural light is a major selling point.

3. Pick up debris on your lawn and edge the grass. A manicured edge shows you care about the details. Prune bushes and trees to maintain their shape.

4. Remove weeds growing between the cracks in your driveway. While you’re at it, seal the cracks and clean up any oil spills, too!

5. For night showings, put your outdoor lights on a timer to warmly welcomebuyers. If you can, install a spotlight and aim it at a tree or an especially nice feature of your house.

– Adapted from AHS Home Matters Inside & Out June 2014 Newsletter