How to Save on Big Ticket Items

Trying to get the best sale price on large-ticket items for your home can be quite time consuming. Here are some simple ways to shop smarter and save on everything from appliances to furniture to electronics.

Comparison shop online. There’s no need to run from store to store to check prices and features when you can do it all online. Once you’ve determined the model(s) you need, you can see who offers the best price with sites like Amazon, Google Shopping and Remember to factor in delivery costs or other charges on large items like furniture or appliances. Better yet, try to get free delivery and installation whenever possible.

Buy everything at once. If you plan on buying a number of electronics such as a flat-screen TV, stereo and home computer, see if you can knock a bit off the price by purchasing them all at one store or website. First, add up the combined sale price of all the items. Then ask to speak to a manager to see if you can get a discount for buying a number of items. Some retailers will take off as much as 10% off their initial best price to make the sale.

Shop the holiday sales. You can usually lower your costs pretty substantially if you can catch a good holiday sale. President’s Day just passed, but you can look forward to big savings down the road on furniture and other items around Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and other major holidays. Also, be sure to check for special promotions like Family & Friends or other group discounts.

It never hurts to haggle. Just because it’s on sale, don’t assume that’s the lowest price you can pay. Sometimes there’s a little wiggle room in the price, so don’t be afraid to ask. You may have a better chance to take a few dollars off if you offer to pay in cash. Merchants have to pay transaction and processing fees on credit card sales, so some retailers will give you a discount if you’re willing to pay the old-fashioned way.

– Adapted from the AHS Home Matters Inside & Out June 2014 Newsletter