Gardening in Reno

If you live in the Reno area, now is the time¬†year to start planning your garden. If you make a plan of what you want to grow and take into account the space required as well as time to bear fruit, it will save heartache later. Also, a good time to get the planting area ready. If you have limited space, I recommend the book “Square Foot Gardening”. This book is a great guide on how to maximise your space and grow enough to feed whatever size of family you might have,

We have a short growing season,. The locals will tell you to hold off planting until the “snow is off of Peavine”. This usually a good indicator danger of frost has passed, but can happen as late as June. so it’s important to start some crops indoors. For example, I start my tomatoes now and transplant them in March with “wall-o-waters”a very good season extender.

A lot of my fellow gardeners like to share stories with each other and I would love to hear yours.