Mushrooms – Infection Fighters!

Sure the shiitake mushroom is a brown fungus, but it’s also a food that can fight infections and enhance your immune system.  “There’s a pharmacy in food,” says Julie Daniluk, a registered holistic nutritionist and author of the June book Meals That Heal Inflammation, which includes reference charts and recipes.  Here are her tips about just one anti-inflammatory food, the shiitake mushroom:

3 powers of shiitake –

It fights the flu.  Shiitake mushrooms contain a compound called AHCC that boosts your immune response after you’ve been exposed to the flu virus.

It slows aging.  When your immune system is up to speed, Daniluk says, you slow the clock of aging.

It helps cancer patientsShiitakes contain polysaccharides, which Daniluk says can help ease the nausea, pain and hair loss associated with chemotherapy and radiation.

2 buying tips –

* The darker the mushroom, the healthier it is, Daniluk says.

*Don’t fixate on fresh; dried shiitakes have the nutrients, too.

You’re not a fan of mushrooms? –

Daniluk says these foods also are infection fighters:  Garlic, Squash and pumpkins, Papaya, Sesame seeds

from Reno Gazette Journal USA Weekend

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