Score A Touchdown With These Home Tailgating Tips

If you love to watch football, but would rather view the big game from the comfort of your home, you’re not alone. Here are some tips to transform your home into your own football stadium— no tickets required.

Simple Sides.Simple foods like chips, fruit, baked beans or deviled eggs can make for delicious and easy additions to meat that’s fresh off the grill. Grab a few bags of chips for an out-of-the-bag snack or chop up some carrots and celery for a healthy alternative. Use a cupcake pan to house condiments, dips or small candies.

Decorations. Make your home your team’s home base with fun decorations that amplify the spirit of the game. Get the rivalry going by wearing your team’s shirt and serving food on paper plates stamped with team logos.

Games. Simple games like horseshoes or beanbag toss are great for taking a break from watching the game, and they’re also fun for kids! Create a beanbag toss by cutting holes in plywood, and a horseshoes game by placing stakes in the yard.

Clean up. Don’t wait until after the game is over to clean up! Ensure that dirty plates find their way into the trash by hanging multiple trash bags around your home and handing out napkins when necessary. Providing easy ways for your guests to clean up after themselves will allow you to avoid a pile-up of garbage when the game is over.

Use these simple tips to get the home field advantage when it comes to tailgating. Enjoy the game and its festivities, without ever leaving your home!

from American Home Shield September Newsletter Inside & Out

American Home Shield is providing the information for general guidance only. Due to the general nature of the property maintenance and improvement advice in this material, neither American Home Shield Corporation, nor its licensed subsidiaries assumes any responsibility for any loss or damage which may be suffered by the use of this information.

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