Duct and Vent Cleaning

Duct and Vent cleaning is an important part of the maintenance of your home and the health of yourself and your family.

Do you need them cleaned at all?

In most modern homes with up to date heating and air conditioning systems, filters are changed regularly and you may not even need to have your ducts and vents cleaned. Keep your eyes open for accumulations of dust, dirt and mold, and if you see that in spite of clean filters, then that is an indication you need your ducts cleaned.

Can you do it yourself?

A do it yourself duct and vent cleaning will only really scratch the surface. And although it may help in clearing some of the dust and debris, you really need a professional cleaning to guarantee your system is truly clear.

A proper duct cleaning procedure uses a powerful vacuum system with multiple brush attachments designed to loosen debris and feed it into the suction. Particles are then blown outside of the house or passed through a HEPA filter inside.


Your duct system can be treated with a sealant. These sealants prevent dirt and dust from getting sent back into the air. Sanitizer chemicals can also be added to prevent the growth of mold and other allergens. Having your system sealed adds to the cost of the project but it could help save you from needing multiple duct cleanings in the future.

Overall Costs

For most people, duct and vent cleaning is an affordable way to boost their indoor air quality. Many companies offer flat rate fees anywhere from $100-$200. However, if you own a larger home with a significant amount of ducting, you can expect to pay more.

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