Why Deck Sealing Saves Money

Your deck only has a certain amount of life. Water will sit on it, and the sun will heat it up all day long for months on end. There’s only so much abuse it can take. Professional deck sealing is the smartest way to get the most life out of your deck. Sealing a deck is like using sunscreen. The sun will still get through, but the sun will do less damage to your skin if you use sunscreen. Only in the case of decks, you don’t have to seal it every time the sun comes out.

The Process
A decking professional will typically use a solution of bleach and water to remove the water damage from the wood. Water damage manifests itself by turning the decking a chalky gray color. The bleach solution will bring back the original color of the wood.

From here the deck will either be pressure washed or sandblasted to remove any previous stains, sealants, residues, oils, etc. Once the wood has been stripped down and raw, then the stain and sealant can be applied. This process needs to happen every 3-5 years or as soon as you notice damage setting in on the deck.

If your deck needs to be sealed, use this link to hire some for deck sealing.

Saving Money by Sealing
Let’s say that the average deck will last 25 years, provided that it is cared for regularly. Every year that you go without treating you deck, no matter what the reason, you take time off of its life. If you move into a home that has an older deck, if you don’t take care of it, you will be replacing this deck soon.

Some decks have lasted only 4 years because of improper care and not being aware of the damage accruing each season. Wood is very strong, but it needs your help to stay strong. Deck sealing might seem like a hassle every few years, but this process is much cheaper than a new deck, and much cheaper than having to replace your current one much earlier than you should have had to.

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