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Not only were April and May very warm this year, but summer has brought weeks on end of temperatures approaching 100 degrees. During hot and dry spells, our staff at TMWA get a lot of questions about how, when and how much to water. This is why we always encourage Weather-Wise Watering. Weather-Wise Watering works to mimic Mother Nature, using weather as your guide and watering only what your yard needs while avoiding water waste.



Weather-Wise Watering and the Seven Xeriscape Principles
A water-efficient landscape begins with Weather-Wise Watering. TMWA is currently holding a series of free workshops to help our customers learn more about water-efficient landscapes and how to best use weather as your guide.
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Due to the unusually dry winter we have received many questions regarding the current state of our water supply. Even with the very dry winter and hot summer, we are continuing to meet the needs and demands of customers without tapping into our drought reserves.
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Tour Our Verdi Power Plant
Did you know TMWA generates more power than we actually use in the entire water supply, treatment and delivery system? And that power comes from a clean, green source? If you want to learn more, I’d like to personally invite you to a behind–the-scenes look at our hydroelectric power plants and a technology that is more than 100 years old. Every Wednesday in September, our Verdi Hydroelectric plant will be open for public tours; I am definitely attending one of these tours. Click to read more, and to RSVP.
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We Want Your Input on Our Website
And finally, we need your help. We are always looking at ways to meet our mission of “being the best, customer-focused water purveyor.” I hope you’ll take a few minutes and provide us with your feedback on what interests you on our website. Those who do are eligible to win a bucket full of great conservation gadgets!
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